Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock | the Meme of the Year.

The 94th Academy Awards will go down in history because of one apparent reason, it’s none other than Will Smith’s slap toward comedian Chris Rock. It created chaos in the entertainment industry and was the only hot topic among the general public for days. The picture where he was about to slap Chris Rock went viral immediately. News channels, YouTubers, and newspapers all used it as their cover photo. On the other hand, meme enthusiasts were quick to adopt their new meme. After Smith’s slapping incidents at the oscar, memes about the actor have resurfaced. 

The Complete History of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock:

27th March 2022, at Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, 94th Academy Award also popularly known as the Oscars was conducted. Like every other year, it was going smoothly, but because of one particular incident, this year’s Oscars will linger in everyone’s mind for years.


Chris Rock, a famous standup comedian was hosting this year’s Oscar. While announcing the “Best Documentary Feature” award Chris joked about Jeda Smith’s (wife of Will Smith) shaved head by making a comparison to Demi Moore’s dramatic look in G.I Jane ( a war movie). Jeda Smith is suffering from a disease called Alopecia. Alopecia patients suffer from excessive hair loss and baldness. When Chris was joking about her disease Jeda showed her clear annoyance with it. On the other hand, Smith wordlessly strode across the stage, slapped Rock, and walked back to his seat.


Many celebrities, rappers, and comedians were vocal to share their opinions regarding the incident. Many supported Smith and many were against it. Some general people even thought that this incident can be scripted for TRP.


However, after this incident, Chris won the best actor award, and while accepting it he apologized to the academy and other nominees but not to Rock. Following public backlash, Smith issued a formal apology on Instagram and Facebook, referring to his behavior as unacceptable and inexcusable.



How The Slap Inspired Social Media Memes & Viral Videos:

Will Smith’s real-life actions and movie scenes are often used for memes by social media users. And after the incident, it ended up giving birth to a new meme and by its popularity, it is considered the meme of the year. Even other celebrities who were presented that day at the ceremony became famous for their reactions to the incident.


On Reddit, it became famous through photoshop, and on Twitter, people couldn’t stop relating it to their everyday situations. It became so popular that even general people took participated in it by wearing or collecting merchandise with the same meme with different edits or scenarios. Like this:

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The uncensored picture from the moment became a viral sensation overnight among meme users. Some even edited it with Will Smith playing fruit ninja or catching pokemon. One of the most popular ones among all meme formats has the edited caption, “me” on top of Rock’s face and the word, “Monday” on top of Smith, who is hitting him.

As Will Smith’s actions became famous as memes for various periods of time, people started editing them with his older memes too:

Some of our favorite picks:

Here are some of our favorite memes on Will Smith’s slap gate:

  1. The Oscars not being exciting anymore. but …     
  2. Almost empty ketchup bottle or remote that doesn’t work:
  3. Batman slapping robin 2.0:                                

We can say that this meme is here to stay because it is relatable. Our Monday struggles are eternal and real, but wear the meme or share it with someone who shares the same struggles as you. Meme lovers’ view toward a matter, which can be controversial is different, unique, and more appealing.


-Riya Maji


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