Doge Meme | Most Popular, Iconic Meme Of Our Generation.

Doge Meme | Most Popular, Iconic Meme Of Our Generation.

Doge is an Internet meme that became popular in 2013. It features a Shiba Inu dog and is commonly written in Comic Sans font in broken English. The meme usually consists of a picture of the Shiba Inu with overlaid text in the foreground.

The doge meme typically employs grammatically incorrect phrasing, such as "such wow," "much amaze," or "very money" to create this sense of uneducated speech. The word "such" is often emphasized to indicate that the speaker could be less than serious, but it could also be used to highlight something positive.

What is Doge Meme?

Doge is an internet meme, which became popular around 2013. It’s a kind of image macro featuring a Shiba Inu and usually contains multicolored texts in broken English with grammatical errors. It’s written in comic san’s font in the foreground. Doge meme represents a kind of inner monologue.

Since 2013 it has been spreading ever since. The text's fonts were initially created out of frustration with the way people write on the internet without even taking time to think about it. It was created as an international joke but it became much more than just a joke over a period of time. 

History of the Doge Meme and where they came from?

Throughout your time on the internet, you are more likely to come across the Doge meme more than once, the image of a dog with a particular look on his face. Sometimes that look feels like, that dog questioning your action or judging you hard, or about to give you a lecture. 

In February of 2010, a Japanese kindergarten teacher named Atsuko Sato posted images of her dog, Kabosu on her blog. One of these images was the famous dog picture where the animal is seen glaring sideways at the camera in an awkward way. In October 2010, the picture of the animal had first begun to appear on other websites. On Reddit, it was posted with the caption: “LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE”. From here it received huge attention from the general public.

The origin of spelling “Doge” is believed to have originated from a 2005 web series Homestar Runners, in which the character misspelled the word dog while addressing another character.

How the Doge Memes became widespread and diverse?

That judging look on Doge’s face created chaos in the meme industry. Usually, the image of the dog is used in social media just for his strange expression, but over the course of time, people have photoshopped Doge into some very strange appearances more than it typically is. The texts in the meme usually consist of words like: “much”, “very”, “so”, “such” and “many”. They are written in a way as if the animal is speaking to himself in his head.

Doge’s use continued to spread and gain popularity online. It wasn’t long before it became a common part of the internet culture, which we are obsessed with today. The animal is even very popular in various merchandise for people to buy, proving that Doge had truly crossed into the mainstream. For example:

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YouTube even had an easter egg that will appear when you type “Doge meme” into the search bar, by changing its appearance in terms of color and font. With its popularity, cryptocurrency introduced Dogecoin, which became the first cryptocurrency to be blessed with an internet meme. It even appeared on a race car of a NASCAR driver named Josh Wise. The entertainment industry also used Doge, by appearing in Weird Al Yankovic’s music video for the song “word crimes”.

Some of our favorite picks:

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It’s been years but Doge’s popularity is intact as it was before. In conclusion, we can say that Doge is not only a meme but a culture. On the internet memes is the king and it is safe to say that Doge is here to stay with us in the coming years too.

-Riya Maji

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