The Essential Guide to Internet Memes and How to Show Your Love for Them?

We as human beings are living in a world where social media and the internet rule, and we are well aware of the impact of memes in our lives. And we can guarantee that even if you are not into memes you used them at least once in your life with or without your awareness. For decades people have been using memes as one of their primary methods to attract others’ attention, cause humor rules our minds. If you are new to memes, here’s an insight into the meme world and a guide on how you can show your love for them.


What are memes?

A meme is a visual joke which has become a part of our daily lives because of the internet culture. Memes are usually images, short videos, or texts that consist of humor and which are rapidly copied, mould and spread among internet users. Some memes are eternal because of their relevancy.


Even though the true origin of the word is still unknown, it is believed that the word was first used in 1976 by Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins, in his book “The Selfish Gene”. In 2008, Oxford English Dictionary added the word “meme” with the description, “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”.


Memes have been around us for decades now, but their popularity was hyped when social media came into our lives. Many iconic memes were born from Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Since 2009 memes became a part of the daily language for social media interactions.



How are memes created?

Memes are usually created by the internet community. Memes are created from videos, images, or texts which are available digitally and for everyone. Famous characters, actions, or dialogues, whatever they can be if it sticks in our minds it can turn into a meme. Usually, people take the original picture then photoshop, edit, or generate it according to their need and spread it.


Memes usually have a funny or ironic tone in them, but they can be serious too. They are often created to make social commentary on a given topic.


A meme can be seen as a modern form of graffiti, but instead of painting, they are digitally made. It is also used as an expression and to communicate ideas in a humorous way. But the longevity of a meme depends on its timeless relative power of it.

How to show your love for memes?

People who are into meme culture or want to get into it always strive to express their feelings through memes in any given situation. Regardless of gender, age or circumstances, memes are for everyone. So flaunt it whenever you get the chance.

●     Wear your meme:

Wearing clothes with meme prints is popular among youngsters nowadays. Not only it is common but also unique as every single meme speaks a different personality. They give away a lot about your personality, which makes you more approachable to others and easy to have a conversation with as they already have a hint about you that you love humor. Even if you don’t like memes you can gift someone who appreciates it.


Get a hoodie or t-shirt of your favorite meme to ace your meme game:

Unsettled Tom crop hoodie

Doge crop top

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●     Use social media:

Another common way to express your love for memes is by spreading them through social media. Make your own meme or use popular memes as a reaction to your own or someone else’s post. Not only it will bring a smile to others’ faces but also you will create your own personality on that platform and at the same time will help you to gain followers too.

●     Always stay updated:

One thing is sure to tune up your meme game you always have to stay updated with the meme world. You can’t look cool using a meme that is dead for decades now right? So use different social media platforms to always stay updated.

●     Meme as a marketing tool:

Memes are not just internet phenomena anymore. They have been used in marketing campaigns by companies such as Nike, Toyota, and Netflix to promote their product or services. So if you own a company or you have a service that you want to promote, you can use memes, not only to attract your potential customers but also to make it more approachable to them.


Top 5 all-time favorite memes:

1.   Doge:

A meme became popular in 2013, featuring Shiba Inu, a dog with a judging look on his face, often edited with some broken English phrases. Doge’s impact is still intact to this day.

2.   Spongebob:

There’s a saying that SpongeBob's reaction runs the internet. It’s true, SpongeBob gifted us with thousands of unique memes which are eternal.



3.   This is fine:

This is fine meme is a two-dimensional image meme, where an anthropomorphic dog sits in a burning room with wide eyes and assures himself that this is fine. An evergreen meme, where’s the dog’s situation is similar to the turmoil we face every day in the real world.

This is Fine

4.   Drake:

Drake’s reaction images in his 2015 music video of his hit R&B single “Hotline Bling” are undoubtedly one of the greatest memes ever exist.


5.   Bongo cat:

The Bongo cat meme first originated on Twitter in the form of a gif. A cute cat with its two paws smacking on the table. Later it was edited with bongos.

Bongo Cat


Life is too short to stay boring or colorless and memes are not only a form of entertainment but also a way to communicate ideas and opinions. So be it social media or your wardrobe, include memes in your life and make it more colorful and full of surprise.


-Riya Maji

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