“This Is Fine” Meme | Origin, Popularity, and Examples.

Let’s see if you can guess which meme I’m talking about. Hint:- a cute dog wearing a cute hat and sitting in a burning house. Yes, you guess it right, it’s our “This Is Fine” dog. Every single one of us can relate to the situation that the poor going through for years. Do you know the origin of that meme? Let's talk about it a bit before we move to the fun part. But before that…

[You: when you realized you are going to read boring origin stories instead of memes]



Origin of “This Is Fine” meme:

This Is Fine meme is a two-image meme collaged side by side, where an anthropomorphic dog sits in a burning room with his wide eyes and assuring himself that this is fine. It's taken from a webcomic series called “Gunshow”, illustrated by K.C. Green in the year 2013. Besides This Is Fine meme readers and meme lovers adapted many images from that webcomic as reaction memes.

 Around January 2014 “This Is Fine” started spreading through Reddit with users captioning it with their daily struggles. From that, it became an internet sensation, even used by big political figures. A web-based game was released by game developer Nick Kaman based on the original comic on November 2016. Where the dog is the main character whose task is to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher that sprays hearts.

The cause that this meme became a favorite among everyone regardless of age, place, and nature is undoubtedly its relatable factor. No matter where you stand in society, or how much responsibility you have to bare daily, this meme is always relatable.  

Some of my favorites :

  • Everyone in their twenties can relate.

  • Not only 2022. It’s every single year. We all set our unrealistic resolutions for the new year but then reality hits and we end up not full filling any of those.

  • When you can’t even afford to be sad from the inside. Cause you have too much responsibility to take care of.

  • It hurts right? I don't know why people do that.

  • Part two of it hurts right? I don't know why people do that.


Even to this day if you come to browse social media for a couple of minutes, this meme will be there. The storyline of the webcomic was simple yet relatable. The dog experiencing every kind of social anxiety is represented as a mirror to us.

The dog watching the coffee cut without noticing the disaster happening beside him also can represent those people who are always oblivious and ignorant about serious matters ( just like them we are going to ignore the final panel of the comic where the dog starts to melt).

Whenever the world will have problems this meme will appear every time because it literally works with every given situation. The meme was most popular in 2016 and during that time K.C. Green released a sequel of the comic where the dog realizes that everything was not fine. Green says on the verge “All of 2016 inspired this,” and “Every bit of insane news piece and the political climate made this follow-up happen”.

In 2020 when the pandemic started spreading all over the world this meme was revived again everywhere. In conclusion, it proves that our “This Is Fine” meme is timeless and we will never stop laughing at it.


How to tune up your meme game:

People who are into meme culture always strive to express their feelings through memes in any given situation and they are well known for the fact that they always have to stay updated with the meme world. You can’t look cool by using a meme that is dead for decades right? The good thing about the “This Is Fine” meme is that it is undying. Regardless of gender, age or circumstances it is applicable to everyone and everywhere. There are two popular ways through which you can express your humor through memes:


Wear your meme:

Wearing clothes with meme prints is popular among youngsters nowadays. Not only it is common but also unique as every single meme speaks a different personality. They give away a lot about your personality, which makes you more approachable to others and easy to have a conversation with as they already have a hint about you that you love humor. Even if you don’t like memes you can gift someone who appreciates it.


Get a hoodie or T-shirt like this to ace your meme game:

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Spread it through social media:

Another common way to express your love for memes is by spreading them through social media. Make your own meme or use popular memes as a reaction to your own or someone else’s post. Not only it will bring a smile to others’ faces but also you will create your own personality on that platform and at the same time will help you to gain followers too.

Be it social media or your wardrobe, make it more colorful and fuller of surprises, and versatile. Life is too short to stay boring and colorless.


-Riya Maji

“This Is Fine” Meme | Origin, Popularity, and Examples.
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