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Guts Hanging Black & White Poster

Guts Hanging Black & White Poster

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Prepare to elevate your living space to epic proportions with our A4 Black and White Poster - 'Berserk's Guts: A Struggle for Survival.' This poster features a jaw-dropping image of Guts from the 'Berserk' series, showcasing his unparalleled determination and fierce survival instincts like never before!

In this heart-stopping depiction, Guts hangs on for dear life by his armored hand, symbolizing his unbreakable resilience in the face of chaos. The dark and haunting backdrop, adorned with twisted faces on a wall, sets the stage for his gripping tale of survival amidst unimaginable challenges.

This black and white masterpiece isn't just any poster—it's a must-have addition to the collections of die-hard 'Berserk' fans and art aficionados alike. It doesn't just exude power and determination; it encapsulates the gritty and haunting essence of the 'Berserk' universe itself!

By bringing this A4 poster into your space, you're inviting the intense and captivating world of 'Berserk' to become an integral part of your everyday life. It serves as a constant reminder of Guts' indomitable spirit and his never-ending battle for survival.

Don't let this legendary saga pass you by! Order our 'Berserk's Guts: A Struggle for Survival' A4 Black and White Poster today and infuse your living space with the unmatched essence of struggle and determination. Let it be a beacon of inspiration and a bold artistic statement that pays homage to one of anime's most iconic characters!


  • 300 GSM, A4 Art Board
  • Fade Proof Print
  • Adhesive Stripes
  • OEKO-TEX Certified inks
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